Ron Koenig





  • Ron is currently the Squash Director for Urban Squash Cleveland and previously was the Assistant Director of both the PSC and the SCH Squash Programs.

  • Ron, originally hailing from Germany, has worked for the last 7 years in the local squash scene most notably at the Berwyn Squash Club and as Director of Squash at Malvern Preparatory school. A level two certified coach he is experienced in working with players of all standards and ages and has worked with numerous top ranked junior players.

  • Ron is a development coach specializing in cultivating a players’ kinetic IQ through the isolation of single body parts furthering fine motor mechanics and fostering an understanding of the physics of squash. Believing in the importance of training the brain to keep up in the competitive squash environment Ron has successfully introduced biofeedback theories into the instructional setting of the squash court. Ron’s passion for squash and his enthusiasm for growing the game are infectious and brings much to the Club and its members.